Eternal struggle, heaven vs. hell in ‘5 Souls’

  1. Purgatory Noah Potter 1:02
  2. Did I Ever Show You? Noah Potter 1:48

Brett Donowho’s thriller “5 Souls” gave me the opportunity to explore an age old battle between heaven and hell, best cialis sovaldi played out in a contemporary setting.

There’s a murder sequence in a Church at one point, cialis sales where portions of a Bach passagalia are playing in the background on pipe organ. The counter line from that is used throughout the score to help illustrate the eternal good vs. evil fight; the tune is the vocal line in “Purgatory”. I used various other-worldly distortion effects along with vocals of the talented Amanda Sodhi to give a sense of this timeless confrontation.

The second sample here, ‘Did I Ever Show You?’ is much more intimate and close to the characters; in this case police officer Sam is coming to terms with the loss of his young daughter.