1. Happy Fourth Noah Potter 1:55
  2. Premonition Noah Potter 1:45
  3. The Setup Noah Potter 2:01

The score for ‘Salvation’ won a silver medal, cialis sale generic director’s choice award at the 2014 Park City Film Music Festival. The film’s plot features a con man who restores vintage stoves. Drawing on that, buy the score uses a number of broken stove parts, ask and ‘found’ kitchen percussion for color.

“Premonition” opens the movie, fading in under an ambient train rumble. We see footage of an abandoned hardware store – horrible things have happened here.

“Happy Fourth” shows off three different musical worlds of the characters, exploring different ideas of “Americana” within a spiritual context.

“The Setup” is the con-game in full swing as the plot unfolds.

  1. Purgatory Noah Potter 1:02
  2. Did I Ever Show You? Noah Potter 1:48

Brett Donowho’s thriller “5 Souls” gave me the opportunity to explore an age old battle between heaven and hell, best cialis sovaldi played out in a contemporary setting.

There’s a murder sequence in a Church at one point, cialis sales where portions of a Bach passagalia are playing in the background on pipe organ. The counter line from that is used throughout the score to help illustrate the eternal good vs. evil fight; the tune is the vocal line in “Purgatory”. I used various other-worldly distortion effects along with vocals of the talented Amanda Sodhi to give a sense of this timeless confrontation.

The second sample here, ‘Did I Ever Show You?’ is much more intimate and close to the characters; in this case police officer Sam is coming to terms with the loss of his young daughter.

  1. Compromise Theme Noah Potter 1:30
  2. Feeling Excluded Noah Potter 2:59

Scoring Rahul Nath’s brilliant “Compromise” gave me the opportunity to collaborate with exceptional Indian classical vocalist Madhuvanti Bhide. The finished score showcases her vocal work, cialis canada treatment while at the same time incorporating western instuments like a piano to heighten the film’s tension between traditional Indian values and Americanization.

  1. Susan's Theme / Freakout Hell Subway Noah Potter 1:14
  2. The Calf Died in My Arms Noah Potter 1:26

The score for “Nomads” blends Latin American and Asian instruments together to create a unique sound. The subway track here uses a blend of percussion instuments including timbales, cialis sales viagra cajon, viagra generic alongside verious South East Asian instruments that I collected there, while the Calf track blends guitar with a Dan Bau, a native vietnamese instument, to highten a sense of grief and loss.