‘Salvation’ score wins medal in Park City

  1. Happy Fourth Noah Potter 1:55
  2. Premonition Noah Potter 1:45
  3. The Setup Noah Potter 2:01

The score for ‘Salvation’ won a silver medal, cialis sale generic director’s choice award at the 2014 Park City Film Music Festival. The film’s plot features a con man who restores vintage stoves. Drawing on that, buy the score uses a number of broken stove parts, ask and ‘found’ kitchen percussion for color.

“Premonition” opens the movie, fading in under an ambient train rumble. We see footage of an abandoned hardware store – horrible things have happened here.

“Happy Fourth” shows off three different musical worlds of the characters, exploring different ideas of “Americana” within a spiritual context.

“The Setup” is the con-game in full swing as the plot unfolds.